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branding co&co-06_edited_edited.png

We are Coco & Co, a passionate team of designers & photographers specialised in creating soulful custom brand design solutions for honest and conscious arising local businesses. We believe in the power behind developing a deeper understanding of the essence of a brand's personality, its purpose, and its values. Our goal is for you to connect with your brand and find its true spirit, to help you present it to the world as clear, transparent, and beautiful as possible.

Whatever the vision you have in mind for your project, our team is dedicated to bringing it to life with exceptional quality and efficiency. From the initial strategy to the final outcome, we provide consulting, guidance, and support throughout the entire branding process. We’ll work jointly with you to understand your objectives, what your style is, and which elements are most essential to you. 

Using different tools and resources, we seek inspiration in concepts, colours, textures, patterns, and shapes to build a visual strategy that will help us enhance your brand's values and uniqueness. Throughout this process, we will create your brand's storytelling, and as a result, you will achieve a cohesive brand concept with a consistent design that will help you set your brand's strengths and personality powerfully within your market target audience.